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azemmourThis web site is dedicated to the study of the life and journeys of Estevanico. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome to join the society and help research the life of this explorer. All new research submitted will be published on this page as it is received and, hopefully, in book form at the conclusion of this project. All contributors will be recognized and credited. Please submit research, related web sites, bibliographic references, or inquiries to:

The Estevanico Society
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Estevanico Bibliography: courtesy Michel Nallino
All rights of diffusion, translation, adaptation reserved. Copyright Michel Nallino 1997.

Genetic Marker Letter from Donal Davis of Marlin, Texas

Estevanico and His Slave Status courtesy of Jeff. R. Biggers

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The Estevanico Society
P.O. Box 810
Abilene, TX. 79604
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photo from Scenes from Azemmour, 1993